Great Wolf Lodge
Branding & Merchandise

In this transformative project, we took on the exciting challenge of revitalizing the identity, style guide, and merchandise program for the beloved animated series produced by Great Wolf Entertainment. With a focus on modernization and engaging young children, we aimed to breathe new life into the show while maintaining its cherished charm. As part of this initiative, we introduced an innovative element by crafting unique character signatures for Build-A-Bear stuffed animals, based on the main characters. This not only allowed children to connect with the characters in a personal and tactile way but also created an emotional bond that extended beyond the amusement park experience.
Our new merchandise line catered specifically to young children, offering a range of products that combined playfulness and modernity. From apparel to toys and accessories, the designs showcased the characters in a fresh and exciting light. Vibrant colors and appealing patterns brought a sense of joy and adventure to each piece.